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Motel 6 In Trouble For Giving Latin Sounding Names To The Immigration Department

Washington state’s attorney general is suing Motel 6, saying workers handed over guest lists to federal immigration agents in violation of state privacy laws.

The suit alleges that agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement would visit Motel 6 locations in Washington and request a guest list from a receptionist without a warrant then try to find undocumented immigrants.

“Motel 6 staff observed ICE identify guests of interest to ICE, including by circling guests with Latino-sounding names,” the lawsuit says. At least six guests were arrested or detained, Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters.



Noooot a great look for Motel 6, the most prestigious of all sketchy motel chains across this great land. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know the law, but I feel like you can’t be out here handing out guest’s names to the feds.

How lazy are these ICE agents?¬†This is what immigration is up to? So many people are rallying behind Trump to get illegal immigrants out of the country and this is how they’re doing it? Just walking into local motels and asking for ‘latin sounding’ names? I bet they immediately take a lunch break after. I’m not even mad. Just jealous. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

Motel 6 now has a black eye. Where will I go to sleep with the woman I picked up from under the bridge to do heroin with now. I don’t want them to be sharing my name with the feds while I’m in my room with ‘Chastity’ sharing needles.

I guess I just have to keep Chasity under the bridge and sin where I find her. 2018 is off to an inconvenient start.




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