Mike Glennon Is Going To Lead The Jacksonville Jaguars To The Super Bowl

It seemed like the Jacksonville Jaguars were going forward with the Gardner Minshew experiment but it appears they’re bringing in a heavy hitter to compete for the starting job. Mike Glennon is coming to wreck shit.

Yea, time to start sweating Gardner.

Glennon played for the Oakland Raiders last seasonas I’m sure you all remember—and appeared in two games where he completed 6 of 10 passes for a touchdown. Walked in and dropped a ball in the endzone without even trying.

Mike Glennon has a 6-16 career record in 22 starts as he’s played 7 NFL seasons for 4 different franchises. 5,163 yards, 36 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and a 60% completion percentage.

People assumed the Jags were tanking when they traded Super Bowl champion, Nick Foles, to the Chicago Bears for a fourth round draft pick just a year after signing Foles to a 4-year $88 million deal.

But Gardner Minshew isn’t some trash QB. We had a 6-6 record in his 12 starts. He threw for 3,271 yards with 21 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions while completing 60.6 percent of his passes. Prettyyyy decent for a 6th round after thought.

The problem is, Mike Glennon doesn’t give a shit.

He’s coming for that number one spot. At age 30, it’s safe to say he’s finally figured it out. Sure, he was incapable of taking the starting job away from Mitch Trubisky in 2017—the same Trubisky that is competing with Nick Foles this season and the same Nick Foles that Mike Glennon is replacing. Okay that math might not add up.

All I’m saying is get your Mike Glennon Jacksonville Jaguars jersey now before it sells out of the NFL store because he’s going to outplay Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship game.


The Jaguars have spent the last 16 months trading and cutting every player that has any sort of talent and have stripped this roster of any chance to compete on Sundays as they are very clearly attempting to draft Clemson star quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

But that just means that I’m right regardless.

Either Mike Glennon singlehandedly carries this team on his back or he leads them to an 0-16 season and they draft Trevor Lawrence and then Lawrence leads them to a Super Bowl which will be thanks to Mike Glennon’s hard work and sacrifice.



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