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Mike Francesa vs. Michael Kay

Mike Francesa and Michael Kay are throwing shots at each other this week because after years of battling for ratings, the Michael Kay Show has finally surpassed Mike Francesa.

Now, the only reason I’m writing about this because I happened to be near the radio for the past couple of weeks and have listened to both shows which I would normally never do because 1. I don’t leave my house and 2. I don’t want to hear elderly men talk about Mickey Mantle for 3 hours.

I reckon that’s actually the purpose of this article. These two men are irrelevant. Their ratings battle is irrelevant.

In a world of streaming and podcasts and on-demand content, the 3pm radio host doesn’t matter. They are no longer the gatekeepers of Takes. Cars have aux cords now. We don’t care what these men have to say about Eli Manning. We have all the same information they do. WE KNOW he stinks. What are they adding to the conversation?

Mike Francesa has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about anymore. He’s constantly wrong. THIS WEEK he said that no one knew Larry Bird was going to be that great out of college which is a fucking lie. Indiana State went undefeated. Everyone knew Bird was a beast.

Even Francesa himself, said that Bird was going to be a legend. He said so like, two weeks earlier.

It’s like if Donald Trump chose to become a sports radio personality instead of a…whatever he chose to do instead.

Francesa is a dick to everyone that calls and instantly hangs up on them when they make a solid point that he can’t refute. Then he’ll take that solid point and say it a week later as if it’s his own unique idea even though it contradicts the point he made the week prior.

Michael Kay is so conservative that he doesn’t take his pants off to have sex. Just zips his fly down and proceeds to participate in intercourse for the sole purpose of procreation.

He goes on rants about hatings bat flips after home runs and Tiger Woods’s adultery. Two things that most people genuinely don’t give a shit about.

I should also point out that neither man actually watches any of the sports they talk about all day. Mike Francesa might watch football on Sunday sometimes when he’s not on the golf course or asleep on the golf course, but he’s not watching the Buccaneers play and I guarantee you he has thoughts on Jameis Winston.

Michael Kay does the Yankees broadcast every night. I don’t want to hear your take on the NBA playoffs, man. Michael Kay went on a rant about the Knicks losing too many games this season and how tanking is wrong. What year is this?

These two old men are relics from a time in sports when we cared about what people on the radio had to say. I grew up listening to Mike and The Mad Dog. There was a period in the 90’s where Francesa and Chris Russo were two of the biggest stars in New York. That’s insane.

It’s 2019. I do not want to hear the antiquated opinions of two old white men anymore. Um, we’re kind of doing this new thing where we represent all demographics and no, Peter fucking Rosenberg doesn’t quite bring in the young black viewership just because he sits on Ebro’s lap on Hot 97 every morning.

Get both of these guys out of here. Send them to the studio every day and just shut their mics off without telling them. They’ll have the same exact impact on the culture in silence as they currently do now.

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