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Should Migos Replace Lady Gaga At the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

There is a petition going around the webs attempting to get Migos to replace Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl halftime show. Here comes a hot take, Migos is the biggest thing in the music industry right now. I know, super hot take. I’m really going out on a limb here.

Here’s the thing, sometimes the internet gets a little carried away with itself. I’ve already said that Culture is the best album of 2017 and Migos are the greatest rappers ever. Having said that, Migos should be nowhere near the Superbowl halftime show.

Have you ever been to a live rap show? It’s 14 shirtless guys on stage yelling over a prerecorded song. It’s a guy pretending to DJ but he’s actually just hitting play on a Spotify playlist while the rapper jumps in and says the last word of every other bar. It sucks.

Also, and more importantly, Lady Gaga is the GOAT. How dare anyone disrespect her musical genius. Platinum records on platinum records on platinum records. She is going to absolutely MURDER the halftime show and no one can tell me otherwise. Stop pretending like you forgot that Poker Face is a banger.

To be honest, I don’t really care about the Falcons vs. the Patriots. The game means nothing to me. I want Lady Gaga to perform for the entire night. Just give me the best night of commercials weaving in and out of Lady Gaga classics.

Migos is cool or whatever but Lady Gaga is the Goat. Please believe and understand this.




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