Midnight Conversation: Kill Bill

Midnight conversation is going to be a new nightly feature here on Deadseriousness in which I write out the mundane, pointless thoughts that keep me up at night. This is going to be real therapeutic for me. If you keep up with this nonsense then you’ll notice that I really only know/care about movies or like, the Knicks. Really one dimensional guy.

So Kill Bill has been playing on TV a lot recently for whatever reason so I’ve had an opportunity to revisit the movies. The first Kill Bill is amazing. Uma Thurman is badass and killing literally everything. From that first fight scene with Vivica Fox to the very last fight with Lucy Liu, the action was great and the stakes were high.

Tension in every scene. Even the scene when Uma wakes up from a coma and forces her legs to work is full tension. I mean it was sneaky weird foot fetish-y but it was still great. Top to bottom, every moment gets you prepared for a world changing fight with Bill at the end. Daryl Hannah and Uma don’t even fight and are only in the same scene for like 5 seconds and you feel the bad blood between the two.

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Love the Daryl Hannah whistling nurse scene. Eerie as fuck. But then something terrible happens. Kill Bill 2 happens and all of a sudden you go from Uma in that iconic yellow jumpsuit slicing up the yakuza to Uma training in the mountains with an old Asian monk for like 11 straight minutes of non English for no reason.

One second, Uma Thurman is a blood thirsty killing machine seeking revenge for the daughter she lost and the next second you find out that her daughter is alive and well andddd suddenly all that tension that was built up is gone. Everything is leading up to this epic battle between Beatrix Kiddo and Bill and Uma just kills Bill in like 3 seconds after they talk and talk and talk for way too long. Kill Bill 2 might be the worst sequel of all time.

I don’t even want to get into the fake that Uma was shot in the chest with a shotgun at one point and doesn’t even kill Daryl Hannah, just rips her eye out ironically. Good to know that Uma was able to maintain her sense of humor after being brutality murdered on her wedding day. I love Kill Bill and I HATE Kill Bill 2.





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