Midnight Conversation: Captain America vs. Iron Man

Midnight Conversation is going to be a new nightly feature here on Deadseriousness in which I will write out the mundane, pointless thoughts that keep me up at night. This is going to be extremely therapeutic for me. If you keep up with this nonsense, then you’ll notice that I really only know/care about movies or like the Knicks. I’m a one-dimensional kinda guy.

Last week we all received the gift of a Captain America: Civil War trailer and I am hyped as fuck. The Marvel superheroes are going to be punching each other’s faces off and I cannot wait. Honestly forgot this movie existed until the trailer reminded me and it looks dope.

From what I can tell, the conflict with basically center around Captain America attempting to protect his former sidekick, Bucky, from persecution and it looks like Iron Man is having none of that. This leads to what can only be described as a ‘civil war’.

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But here’s my complaint but that’s what I do. There is a scene at the end of this trailer that I guess is supposed to hold emotional weight. Iron Man asks Captain America why he behaving this way to which Captain America responds “he’s my friend” in regards to the Winter Soldier. And then Tony Stark gets all said like “I thought I was your friend.” But like, WHEN?

We’ve seen these two men interact in two Avengers movies and at no point did they appear to be friends. There was tension every single time they were in a room together. Literally looked like they were looking for any excuse to hurt each other.

That video is every interaction they had. They are not friends at all. Captain American and Iron Man are coworkers that hate each other. Don’t try to sell me that suddenly Tony Stark is sad because Captain America is giving more attention to a man that he grew up with….in like, the 1940’s. Regardless, I will be there opening night probably drunk as shit and shouting whenever anyone punches anyone.





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