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Metta World Peace Says The New York Knicks Are Going To The Eastern Conference Finals Sooo I Guess The New York Knicks Are Going To The Eastern Conference Finals

This seems more like a prophecy than a random prediction. Whatever Metta Word Peace says is gospel. I imagine he tweeted this out after staring into a crystal ball all night. I trust this as fact.

Personally, I was expecting the New York Knicks to finish at the bottom of the Eastern Conference considering that the team will probably shut down Kristaps Porzingis for the season and by the time January rolls around, they will have traded veterans like Courtney Lee and Enes Kanter to replace them with G-League level talent. Tanking at it’s finest.

But now I’m throwing all of those facts and genius logic out the window. Metta has spoken. The Knicks might go 82-0 after this tweet.

Sure, you can look at that tweet are realize that Metta World Peace literally just said the two teams he used to play on will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals and it is the textbook definition of ‘biased’.

Okay, well you go tell that to the man who personally attacked every single fan in Detroit because ONE of them threw a soda at him. He ran into the stands and clotheslined anyone that made eye contact with him. I actually don’t remember that fight being broken up. As far as I know, he’s still in the Palace in Auburn Hills ragdolling fans.

Metta World Peace says anything, you go with it or suffer the consequences.

Yea, please don’t hurt me, Mr. Artest. Whatever you say is law. But those elbows down. I’m agreeing with you. Knicks to the Finals, baby. Kevin Knox MVP season.
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