Mel Gibson Might Direct Suicide Squad 2

As reported by THR, Warner Bros. is seeking Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson to help bring the next adventure of Task Force X to life. According to the report, Gibson is currently getting acquainted with the material. The studio, on the other hand, is apparently moving quickly, and has other potential directors lined up as well, including Life director Daniel Espinosa

(Screen Rant)



Suicide Squad was the worst movie I had ever scene. I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating or not but the movie is soo awful that I don’t even know if I’m embellishing. No one ever has to question if Annie Hall is the worst movie ever or not because it’s obviously not. Suicide Squad? It’s in the discussion for sure.

When I originally read that DC and Warner Bros was still planning a sequel to that trash, I wanted to drown myself. But drown myself Sandlot style and wait for Wendy Peffercorn to revive me so I can sneak a kiss.

But now that I hear that Mel Gibson is on board for this movie, I’m 10000% back on board. Mel Gibson is the exact amount of insanity and intensity needed to direct a movie that seems to revolve around random chaos and nothingness.

Let’s let David Ayers focus on directing and ruining the Gotham City Sirens movie and allow Mel Gibson to step in and save the DC universe.




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