Megan Rapinoe Winning The Ballon d’Or Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Women’s Soccer

Congratulations to Megan Rapinoe for taking home the second ever Women’s Ballon d’Or trophy, given to the best female soccer player in the world.

A huge accomplishment for the face of the US Women’s National Team that dominated the World Cup. Rapinoe took on the president of the country she was currently in the midst of representing in France and walked away with The World Cup Golden Boot.

Truly an inspirational figure who was fearless against a loud rejection of her politics and sexuality. A pink-haired SUPERSTAR.

And Rapinoe winning the Ballon d’Or is even more impressive when you consider that she was in no way anywhere near the best soccer player in the world. Like, not even fucking close.

The Ballon d’Or is supposed to be awarded to the player who had the best year in totality. Not the player who was super popular during the World Cup.

The World Cup was just one part of Rapinoe’s season. She plays for Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. And I use the word ‘play’ loosely. She appeared in only 6 of the club’s 24 games this season.

Megan Rapinoe won the award for the best soccer player in the world and she only played in 6 club games. She scored zero goals in those 6 games if that matters (it does).

Shit, Megan Rapinoe isn’t even the best player on the US National team. Alex Morgan and Rose LaVelle are better players. Objectively.

You can actually make the argument that she’s sitting around the 6th best player on that World Cup team when you add Crystal Dunn, Julie Ertz and Lindsay Horan into the discussion.

Sam Kerr is the most dominant striker in the world. She is an automatic bucket. When the ball hits her foot, it’s shooting into the back of the net. Every time. Kerr scored 43 goals this year when you combine her work in the NSWL as well as for Australia.

Megan Rapinoe scored 9 goals this year. If you notice, her amount of goals is significantly lower than Kerr’s.

But before I continue, I need to make it abundantly clear that this is not an attack on Megan Rapinoe. To whatever incel weirdos are reading this beating off to their hate of this woman, you’re missing my point.

This isn’t a critique of the winner of the Ballon d’Or but the bullshit voting of this award. 50 journalists from around the world vote so I am mostly directing my anger at their laziness.

Yes, the World Cup is the biggest stage for these players to show their talents but it in no way defines a player’s entire year.

Ada Hegerberg is the most talented soccer player on Planet Earth. Last year she took home the first ever Women’s Ballon d’Or because of course she did. She then chose to sit out the World Cup in protest of Norway’s low women’s wages and terrible team conditions compared to how the Norwegian men’s team is treated.

She was basically ruled out of this year’s Ballon d’Or because of it. That’s gross and lazy.

But then that adds another layer to this entire snubbing of Sam Kerr and the real reason why women’s soccer sucks right now. Well, women’s soccer doesn’t suck but the media coverage and exposure for the sport is non-existent.

It is borderline impossible to watch these women play unless it’s during the World Cup or you are in the same city they’re currently playing in. ESPN has a deal with the NWSL but it’s on their app and nah.

Megan Rapinoe didn’t win the best soccer player in the world award because she’s the best soccer player in the world.

Rapinoe won simply due to her popularity and how recognizable she was to a panel of judges that never watched a single Reign FC game. And if they had watched, they would have instantly realized that she wasn’t even in the arena for a majority of the season.

Sam Kerr won the Golden Boot and the MVP of the NWSL. She led Australia to a victory in the Cup of Nations tournament this year.

Guess who won the Golden Boot in that tourny? Yea, Sam fucking Kerr.

Sam Kerr is the best soccer player in the world and you can suck on that one.


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