Matt Barnes and Kobe Bryant Are Liars

We all remember the day that Matt Barnes pretended to throw the ball in Kobe Bryant’s face and Kobe didn’t flinch or react in any way. Kobe Bryant is the most overrated player in NBA history and he was never the best player on any of his championship teams.

Having said that, he deserves all of the praise for looking Matt Barnes directly in his heroin glazed eyes and not even blinking with a basketball ball two inches from his cranium.

A truly legendary NBA moment.

JK, it was all a lie. Kobe Bryant wasn’t even standing in front of Matt Barnes when it happened. These cowards lied to us for all these years. OF COURSE Kobe didn’t flinch there. He might as well have been standing in an entirely different building. The ball was nowhere near him.

Look at this. I wouldn’t be shocked if Kobe had these cameras wiped after this moment went viral. Lives were threatened. Children were kidnapped all to trick us into thinking that Kobe was soooo badass.

Nope, Matt Barnes was honestly just trying to get his teammate open with a fake pass and Kobe was being lazy and not even playing any defense. The NBA is rigged. Kobe is fake news.


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