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Mark Zuckerberg Sitting in a Child’s Booster Seat During His Testimony To Congress Isn’t a Great Look

If you weren’t sure about whether or not you could trust Mark Zuckerberg, it’s safe to say that all trust is lost once you realize this information stealer and digital tyrant’s feet don’t touch the ground when he sits in most chairs.

Mark Zuckerberg is 5’7. That’s insane. How have we allowed this tiny child to be successful? Have we learned nothing from history? The Napolean Complex is real and it’s spectacular. Of course this guy is selling off our personal information to like, ISIS and shit. He has no choice. Again, look how miniature he is.

Here’s what Facebook said about the booster seat:

In a statement, Facebook said the cushion was provided by the committee as part of standard protocol.

NO SHIT, ‘Facebook’ said the cushion was standard protocol. Mark Zuckerberg IS Facebook. That’s like a serial killer writing an insane manifesto and at the end, he says ‘I’m really sorry though’ and the media putting up the headline ‘A Manifesto Says That Killer is Sorry So Let’s Go Easy On Him’. That analogy got away from me. I think I’m calling Zuckerberg a murderer?

Was he attempting to garner sympathy from Congress? Like, maybe they wouldn’t grill him as hard if they saw they were speaking to a middle schooler who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong yet.

Shout out to Zuckerberg’s PR team for making sure that every photo posted on the internet makes Mark look like an actual grown-up which he clearly, is not.

Lock this infant up.




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