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Mark Cuban Thinks The Mavs Wouldn’t Be Rebuilding If They Played in the Eastern Conference

During Dallas’ Las Vegas Summer League clash with the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, Cuban said playing in the Western Conference has forced the franchise’s hand, per’s Tim MacMahon:

“We’re rebuilding. Right? There’s no question about it. If we were in the East, we would not be rebuilding. We’d be handling things completely different. I think I’m going to kidnap [Commissioner] Adam Silver and not let him out until he moves us to the Eastern Conference.

“Given where we are, given where the Warriors are and what’s happening in the Western Conference, it kind of sealed what we have to do.”


I don’t want to have the discussion over the competition amongst the conferences. Yes, currently the Western Conference has better talent and more stacked teams. We all know that. It’s not a hot take to point out that the East sucks.

With that being said, Mark Cuban is left here. The Dallas Mavericks need to rebuild regardless of their conference. They’ve built a team around Dirk Nowitzki who is entering his 20th season in the league. There has literally never been a second star on the team. There has never been a young star ready to take the mantle.

If Cuban took this roster into the Eastern Conference and went to win the chip, they would be completely fucked once Dirk retires and the next best thing on the team is…JJ Barea? Does anyone really think Harrison Barnes is going to be a superstar? Trick question: no.

Mark Cuban needs to build this team regardless.




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