Marjorie Taylor Greene, Censorship and Trying To Fight LeBron James From Your Courtside Seat

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a former CrossFit mom who decided to run for Congress in Georgia last year and won simply off the strength of promoting conspiracy theories about the Dems being pedophile lizards and Trump being the hero to save us from the deep state. There’s also something about mole people? Q-Anon is a tough conspiracy to read through.

She is now in headlines seemingly daily as she believes Nancy Pelosi should be executed or she supports the Capitol Siege a month ago or threatens Ilhan Omar’s life.

And every time these media companies or Democratic politicians attempt to wag their fingers and say ‘oooo she said bad stuff oooo’, her power grows. There is nothing Republicans and their voters love more than making liberals upset and she is the face of their trolling.

Marjorie Taylor Greene should not and does not matter. At the end of the day, she’s just a fucking loser.

She’s not some genius opportunist that saw a void left open by Trump and maneuvered her way to the front of the line by manipulating conservative talking points and puppeteering the media narrative around her.

MTG won a Congressional seat in a district that was created in 2010 and drawn specifically to include racist evangelical white people who didn’t like Obama. She isn’t ‘crazy’ or some other reductive lazy description of her mental health. She was conditioned to be this way. She’s surrounded by losers and turns out, she’s a loser too. It happens.

She was the CFO of a construction company her father handed to her. When that didn’t work she started a Crossfit gym and tried to become an influencer a decade ago.

She’s every spoiled middle-aged white lady that thinks everyone should pay attention to her because she has it all figured it. She believes that these major school shootings are all fake and used by the Dems to take our guns away because she cannot fathom the idea that her beliefs are wrong and guns are fucking terrible and they kill children. Nope, must be Obama tricking us.

These entitled blondes run Georgia. You can’t even go to an Atlanta Hawks game without one seeking to be the main character.

Meet Juliana Carlos, the woman the internet is calling ‘Courtside Karen’ but I will not be because I’m not a 53-year old New York Post copywriter. Literally only putting the name Courtside Karen in here (twice) strictly for SEO purposes. Google this peculiar top-heavy woman. You’ll find this article now.

Anyway, she got kicked out of a Hawks game after getting into it with LeBron James because apparently in Atlanta you can sit courtside at NBA games even though there’s a global pandemic that has killed 450,000 Americans.

But see, that’s the point. Georgia is living in an entirely different reality where Covid is just the flu or whatever propaganda they’re using now. Juliana Carlos, Marjorie Taylor Greene, these aren’t unique individuals. They are surrounded by shitty blondes just like them who all believe that LeBron is a Chinese communist or some weird nonsense.

So it truly makes zero sense to me when Twitter suspends Donald Trump or prepares to remove someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene because they aren’t the problems here.

It’s a way to look superior but if these platforms truly cared then they wouldn’t have waited for MTG to win an election. This asshole posted a Youtube video a year ago harassing David Hogg, a school shooting survivor. Youtube should’ve removed Greene then.

But this need to look superior is exactly what makes Marjorie Taylor Greene so ‘successful’. Her brunette Colorado comrade, Lauren Boebert is much like MTG in that she is also obsessed with guns and literally everyone who’s ever been in a room with her has asked her to leave that room.

Boebert is in trouble for tweets during the Washington Insurrection for both promoting it prior and basically giving these losers instructions. She even gave them tours of the halls before they stormed. You like, can’t do that. They frown upon Congresswomen attempting to murder other Congresswomen. I mean, there are obviously no actual consequences and just legit frowns.

The big dig that hashtag resistance folk use against Boebert is that she’s a high school dropout who tried to be a model but failed. The Democratic party themselves are really planning their midterm elections around being the party for the college-educated.

There are no less than a million reasons why someone would drop out of high school but we live in a country where high school dropouts are treated like they should be wearing helmets 24/7 and you have to speak to them slowly otherwise they won’t understand you.

The fuck did you learn in your senior year of high school that makes you superior to someone that dropped out? I cut school or spent the day in the cafeteria. The only thing I learned that year is what a vagina looks like. Having a diploma has done literally nothing to improve my life or my IQ.

It’s not too difficult to see the throughline between Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Juliana Carlos. Three white women who believe they are far more attractive than they actually are. Who believe they deserve more in life than what was in front of them and sort of just grifted their way into the public consciousness.

They are from parts of the country where poor white people look around and don’t understand why they’re poor. Any white person who tells you white privilege doesn’t exist is lying to you and themselves. They are so aware that white privilege exists that they are infuriated by the fact that it has not positively affected their bank account like it’s supposed to.

We should all just be making fun of these weirdos.

We don’t need fucking Congressional hearings about them. The government can’t competently distribute a vaccine for a virus that they’ve known about for 15 months now but they have all the time in the world to sit around and discuss Q-anon.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has made $1.6 million in campaign contributions because people cannot keep her name out of their mouths. The faux-outrage has done nothing but buy this bitch lady a boat.

Who gives a shit about who can and cannot use Twitter?

If you want people like Marjorie Taylor Green to go away then stop acting as if they are unique psychos. Zoom out and realize that she comes from a part of Georgia that used to be run by Larry McDonald who believed the Civil Rights Movement was a secret communist plot. There are fucking KKK statues in driving distance from MTG’s home and we’re like ‘wow, this woman seems racist’. THEY ALL ARE.

Stop wasting time and resources to individually scoff at Lauren Boebert and instead, focus your energy into educating entire regions of this country that do not have the journalistic literacy to discern between real new sources and bullshit. Help these regions climb out of their financial holes so that they don’t realize it’s more lucrative to be Alex Jones than it is to head to the factory every morning.

Disclaimer: Marjorie Taylor Greene is a dumb asshole who thinks the California wildfires happened because there is a Jewish space laser. Zero sympathy for the devil. And honestly, she’s nowhere near hot enough to have her level of hot girl energy like, who is letting her get away with believing her posters are on every boy’s wall? She looks like Groucho Marx.

Disclaimer to the Disclaimer: You’re allowed to make fun of the looks of bad people who think Jews burned down the west coast of this country. Shut up.




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