Marco Rubio and Alex Jones Almost Beat The Shit Out of Each Other



My man Marco Rubio was really about to call the goons on Alex Jones for touching him on the shoulder. There is nothing funnier than hearing a man say ‘I’ll take care of it myself’ when you can look directly into his face and see that he clearly hopes it does not actually come to physical violence.

Rubio probably needed an oxygen mask after this little altercation with Alex Jones, the sociopath who wants nothing more than to be choked out by a US Senator so he can get a bajillion clicks. Punching Alex Jones in the face just puts a massive paycheck in that lunatic’s back pocket.

This is some real Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr shit. Just give these two assholes guns and let them duel. Oh, and then get a third guy with a gun to kill whoever wins that duel. Rubio would love that. Huge direct deposit from the NRA regardless of the outcome.

Not quite sure how or why Alex Jones is even allowed in these buildings. There needs to be a ‘No Shoes, No Shirts, No Alex Jones, No Service’ policy at every building across this country. Seems like he would do anything for video views. Absolutely shocking that he didn’t touch Rubio a second time like a little brother daring their older brother to swing on him.

There is nothing our government needs more than to see Marco Rubio throwing hands out here in these streets. Win lose or draw, I want so badly to refresh my Twitter and see Alex Jones stomping on Marco Rubio’s chest like Rick James on Eddie Murphy’s couch.

Fuck yo couch, Marco.





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