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Maniac Teacher In Trouble For Cutting a Student’s Hair While Screaming The National Anthem

What Happened?

“What so proudly we hail!” an off-key and inaccurate Margaret Gieszinger, 52, belts out in the frightening footage while standing a behind a student at University Preparatory High School in Visalia — roughly 40 miles south of Fresno — on Wednesday. “By the twilight’s last streaming, whose bright stripes and bright stars!”

Gieszinger, of Exeter, was arrested on suspicion of corporal injury to a child following the incident, the Visalia Times-Delta reports.

She has since been removed from the classroom and will not return following the “disturbing behavior” shown on the video, a spokesman for the Tulare County Office of Education confirmed to The Post.

(NY Post)

Margaret Gieszinger was um, teaching her students some sort of lesson(?) when she took things way too far and punished a student by cutting his hair before chasing after another girl with scissors and grabbing her by the hair.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but let me jump to conclusions real quick, if I learned anything about weird-ass conservatives in the last couple of years, they have become OBSESSED with the National Anthem.

I imagine this kid wasn’t singing along or something and a switch flipped inside of her and all she saw was Colin Kaepernick’s afro so her mind went straight to giving this kid a haircut as a punishment for not honoring the troops or whatever the fuck.

Spotify released everyone’s most played songs of 2018. I guarantee this woman’s entire playlist is just The Star Spangled Banner 50 times.

Remember when you were in school and you just assumed all the teachers had their shit together because they were adults and they were taller than you? That was all a lie. Teachers are just as insane as you are.





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