Man Arrested After His Wife Made His Grilled Cheese With Too Much Cheese

A man was arrested Wednesday after police said he became violent when his wife made him a grilled cheese sandwich with three slices of cheese when he requested only two.

James DePaola, 55, was screaming at his wife in such a fashion that spit was hitting her face, according to Athens-Clarke County police.

Their 12-year-old daughter called 911 from her mother’s cell phone saying her dad hit her mom and pulled the phone out of the wall.

When police arrived on the 100 block of Candy Circle, police spoke with Michele DePaola, 51, who said James DePaola has a history of violent and abusive behavior that has involved him being arrested and served with a restraining order in the past.

Michele DePaola told police it’s been a while since he’s been physically violent with her, but often becomes angry, shouts, curses and is often excessively critical and controlling of day to day things in life.

Michele DePaola said even though he was very upset and animated with the grilled cheese incident, she doesn’t believe he was going to hit her because he was too afraid of going back to jail.



Here’s the thing, James DePaola made a very simple request. He wanted his grilled cheese with two slices of cheese, not three. He didn’t ask for additional ingredients, he didn’t request special bread, he simply wanted two slices of cheese.

Obviously, there is no excuse for threatening a woman. I won’t condone those actions. At the same time, Michele DePaola is aware of his short fuse. The man has a bit of a temper. Maybe cook the grilled cheese with two pieces of cheese and avoid this whole incident. Maybe.

Also, no snitching. To the 12-year old daughter, how about you mind your own business. Mommy and Daddy are talking okay, sweetheart. Go do homework or some shit. Stop using our landline phone.


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