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Luis Severino Will Win a Cy Young Award

On Thursday night, the New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3-2 in which Luis Severino pitched a 7 inning 2-run game. Not only did the Yankees win but Severino looked like an absolute juggernaut on the mound. He set a new career high with 11 strikeouts and his slider was lethal.

A Luis Severino Cy Young trophy is imminent. He is becoming the Ace that the Yankees always thought he’d become and at age 23, there is plenty of room for him to continue to improve. I know we’re only a week into the 2017 season and I can probably throw like, 6 strikeouts against the Devil Rays. But don’t sleep on Severino.

With the very obvious decline of Masahiro Tanaka and the fact that CC Sabathia is a sober elderly man at this point, the emergence of Severino could lead the Yankees to the World Series.





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