So Here’s the Thing About Love

Today is Valentine’s Day aka run to social media and pretend like you’re so happy to be single on Valentine’s Day…day. Or inversely, it’s the day that couples post those awkward selfies of them kissing that you know took them like, 9 attempts to get right.

I love love. Not like fairy tale love where a chick is passed out surrounded by 7 midgets and then a random prince on horseback who should probably be around his kingdom and not horseback riding alone in the woods, decides to make out with the girl who, by everyone’s knowledge, is mega dead.

But what is love?

Let’s break this down biologically because it’s easy to describe love as the moment in the romantic comedy when Matthew McConaghey decides to straighten up and fly right in order to win Goldie Hawn’s daughter.

According to science geeks, the human body has chemical reactions that indicate love. Your amygdala, which is the part of your brain that deals with emotions, goes wild. Your eyes dilate, your palms sweat and your heart races.

Then hormones start flying. Dopamine and endorphins head to toe. Those feel good hormones. Anddd then there’s the oxytocin which is released from physical touch. Oxytocin is basically the hormone that makes you want to cuddle. Women are affected by oxytocin more than men are. Suckers.

Of course there of pheromones which is pretty much just your natural scent. Without being aware of it, you are attracted to certain pheromones because they are a sign of a healthy immune system and we all have an evolutionary desire to mate and create super offspring.

But enough of that science nonsense. There’s more to love than just chemical reactions or whatever. Or maybe there isn’t. What the fuck do I know? I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in love before but I think I have a pretty good understanding of what it consists of.

To me, love is when she stops rolling her eyes when you order water because you can’t afford actual drinks. Love is that moment when you finally become ready to share your Netflix password. Love is when she doesn’t shave her body all winter and you don’t even make a single remark about it.

Love is when you can be completely open about your Henry Cavill man crush and not feel strange watching Man of Steel with her. Love is when you’re pretending to confidently explain the plot of Inception even though you have know idea what you’re talking about and she doesn’t call you out on your BS. Love is when you draw her like one of your French girls.

Orrrr all of this is bullshit and love is just a fantastical creation and exaggeration by lame weirdos like Billy Shakespeare in order to trick us into caring about his one-dimensional, often suicidal characters. Was love just a concept created by Hollywood to make you care about Audrey Hepburn’s boring characters? Who knows?

Again, I love love. If it wasn’t for love then we wouldn’t of have a decade of Odysseus carving up a Cyclops and crashing his boats on literally every island in the Mediterranean just to get back home to his girl, Penelope.

If love isn’t real then explain Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s relationship? I mean, they didn’t love each other as much as they loved coke but that’s not the point. Love is real.

But yea that’s not enough examples. Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever.




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