denver broncos suck

Living in a World of Suck

The Denver Broncos currently sit 0-3 on the season as they are truly living in a world of suck right now. They basically kneeled for 16 games in 2018 resulting in the firing of their head coach and a change of quarterbacks.

Turns out, the new head coach and quarterback also suck.

Who knew that Vic Fangio, a guy who has been a defensive coordinator seemingly his entire life, actually has absolutely no business being a head coach and a quarterback who had ONE good season 7 years ago, would be bad in 2019? Strange.

You also have to feel for Emmanuel Sanders who went from Case Keenum last season to Joe Flacco throwing to him this year. That’s like going from Joe Flacco to Case Keenum. Do you see what I did there? Both quarterbacks are incapable of making wide receivers look good.

In Flacco’s defense, Green Bay has completed flipped their roster on the defensive side of the ball and for the first time in the Aaron Rodgers era, they have the ability to shut down opposing offenses. Especially if Flacco is the quarterback of that opposing offense.

Living in a world of suck.

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