frank ocean biking

Listen to That New Frank Ocean Fire Track ‘Biking’ Featuring Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator

I’ve never been a huge Frank Ocean guy. He’s good or whatever but he’s not for me. Having said that, this track is absolute fire. Mainly because he uses Young Thug’s exact cadence which is the trick to making a song that I will enjoy. Just add Young Thug to it.

At first listen, Jay-Z’s verse is weird and lazy but most of his verses are. I won’t sit here and pretend like I think Jay-Z is the greatest rapper ever. He is not. The more I listen to that first verse the more I enjoy it. Shout out to his xanax line. He’s so cool. That’s sarcastic.

Tyler, the Creator isn’t the greatest rapper ever either but some how all three people on this track together just works for whatever reason. If these three rappers all released individual singles today I wouldn’t even listen to them but all on one song and I’m in 100%. Thank you, Frank Ocean. What a time to be alive.





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