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Let’s Wildly Speculate After Watching The Avengers 4 Endgame Trailer

So nothing really happens in the trailers yet everything is happening in this trailer all at the same time.

I have a lot of emotions. Not many theories yet but emotions are here for sure. First of which being that the title ‘Endgame’ is incredibly lame and sounds like the title you give to end a B-level action series like Resident Evil: Endgame or Taken 4: Endgame.

But I’ll ignore that and focus on how much I enjoy Iron Man alone dying in space. My favorite thing about the Thanos snap is that it just left Tony Stark alone on a random ass alien planet. Perhaps this is our introduction to Captain Marvel flying through space doing whatever it is that homegirl does or perhaps the team picks him up on their way to Thanos.

I recognize this face. This is the face you make when you lose the Superbowl and you watch the other team celebrating as confetti covers you and all you think is ‘I’m going to fuck shit up next year. I’m winning the MVP and going 19-0’.

Thor is about to get a triple-double no assists.

Shout out to Captain America who just lost all of his best friends, and half of the life in the entire universe and all he can think about is the woman he hooked up with 75 years ago like, one time. RIP Peggy…again.

Hawkeye is back with the worst fade of all time. No wonder you see him killing a man. His barber obviously didn’t survive the Thanos snap and Hawkeye is PISSED.

Also shout out to Thanos for taking the armor off and just farming the finest of kush plants. The poppy’s are poppin at Thanos’s local farm.


But the not so secret most important part of this trailer is the ending. Paul Rudd is still very much alive and still very much the key to beating Thanos and reversing all this chaos so that Marvel can release Spider-Man: Far From Home and continue to steal our money.

20 movies later and Paul Rudd is the key to the entire franchise. It’s good work if you can get it.


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