Let’s Talk About Jeremy Lin Crying

So Jeremy Lin has been getting roasted for a few days now after this interview in Taiwain in which he opened up about his inability to sign a contract with an NBA team and how he’s hit ‘rock bottom’.

Naturally, all of the ‘your life isn’t that bad, stop complaining’ people emerged out of the clouds to shit on this man for crying. On its surface, it’s tough to feel bad for a guy that’s made between $63-$65 million in his career and most importantly, a guy that put up 38 points on Kobe’s head at Madison Square Garden.

To some, it may appear as though Jeremy Lin’s perspective is a bit skewed. He’s 30-years old and just won an NBA title. If he can’t get back to the NBA then he can retire in a position financially to do whatever the hell he wants with his life.

But it’s very clear that the one thing he wants to do with his life his play in the NBA and it’s insane to make fun of a man who is coming to the realization that the NBA is being taken from him.

Sure, he just won a championship but he only played for 50 seconds at the end of Game 3 in garbage time. We would mock him even harder if he was celebrating that championship as if he was a major contributor. I’m sure he feels like an imposter who happened to be at the right place at the right time but wanted to be on the court to actually earn that ring.

Clearly, this is a man dealing with some level of depression so let’s chill with the ‘there are children starving in Africa’ line any time someone is sad about their life not turning out the way they expected it to.

Everyone has their own expectations for themselves and their own thresholds for ‘rock bottom’.

Sure, Jeremy Lin isn’t strung out on heroin waking up on train tracks (yet) but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t hit his own personal rock bottom. Stop projecting your lives onto professional athletes.

Jeremy Lin crying is sad, regardless of how much money he made (or how vastly he’s been overpaid in his career). When healthy, he can still get buckets off the bench in a hurry.

If the Knicks had any integrity they’d bring Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony back for farewell tours this upcoming season. Get Elfrid Payton out of here.

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