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Let’s Stop Pretending As If Kenny Golladay Is Going To Suddenly Make The Giants a Good Football Team

Since taking over the New York Giants front office in 2018, GM Dave Gettleman has a 15-33 win-loss record and has completely fumbled this rebuild time and time again. Now, this living breathing ham is being praised for signing Kenny Golladay as fans pretend like this acquisition suddenly makes the team good.

So odd to see people applaud Dave Gettleman for finally getting a No. 1 wide receiver after he had Odell Beckham, signed him to a massive deal and then immediately traded him away for an offensive guard that he cut last week and a shitload of dead cap money.

Personally, I’d call it a failure to trade away a Top 10 receiver and replace him with Golden Tate, Kenny Golladay and dead cap money but I guess we’re all pretending as if that’s not the case.

Gettleman used the No. 2 pick to draft a running back to run behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

4 years later and they still have one of the worst offensive lines in the league and Saquon Barkley can’t stay healthy. Meanwhile, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson—two star QBs that were drafted after Saquon in 2018—are perennial MVP favorites and HAVE MORE RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS THAN SAQUON.

This weirdo held onto Eli Manning too long and then in 2019 he REACHED for Daniel Jones with the No. 6 pick. No one had Daniel Jones ranked above Missouri QB Drew Lock. Drew Lock went in the 2nd round. The Giants could’ve selected pro bowl pass rusher Josh Allen or defensive lineman Montez Sweat. I mean shit, the Giants also had the 17th and 30th pick.

They could’ve drafted Daniel Jones 30th. He would’ve been there. What a terrible GM.

But let’s talk about Kenny Golladay and let me pretend to be positive about this signing.

Injuries robbed Golladay of his 2020 season as he only appeared in 5 games. Prior to 2020 however, KG put up back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons. In the last 3 seasons, Golladay ranks 2nd in contested catches and 4th in receiving yards on passes of 20-plus yards.

Daniel Jones does love to randomly take deep shots down the field and has no receivers that can support him. Evan Engram drops every pass and Golden Tate was incapable of getting any separation from defenders.

DJ now has Saquon Barkley returning from an ACL tear along with Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shephard, John Ross, Evan Engram and Kyle Rudolph. It’s also possible that the Giants can still draft another receiver to add to this offense.

The O-Line still stinks. The defense still needs a real pass rush. But in a weak ass NFC East, the Giants could actually make the playoffs.

Let’s see how Dave Gettleman finds a way to ruin this.




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