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Here’s Me Lying About How Great This Leonard Williams Trade is For The Giants

The New York Giants are 2-6 and have lost four consecutive football games. Needless to say, they should’ve been sellers at the 2019 NFL trade deadline but instead, they are out here sending away draft picks for New York Jets scraps.

Giants GM, Dave Gettleman—aka my arch-nemesis, sent a 3rd round draft pick for Leonard Williams, a Jets defensive lineman with approximately zero sacks on the season.

There is also a condition in this trade that if the Giants re-sign Leonard Williams then they have to send the Jets a 4th rounder but if he doesn’t re-sign, then it’s a 5th round pick. That sounds like an unnecessary stipulation that Dave Gettleman proposed for absolutely no reason but ok.

Oh, did I mention that Leonard Williams is a free agent in four months and the Giants could’ve signed him without giving away any draft picks?

Not sure which teams they’d be competing with to sign Williams knowing that this season he’s racked up an impressive ZERO sacks this season.

And the Giants have the 12th best pash rush in the NFL. For a team that’s 2-6 looking at a potential Top 5 draft pick in the offseason, their pass rush is not an area of weakness that needed improvement.

They have 22 more sacks than Leonard Williams.

Plus, there’s a 0% chance that Williams signs an extension when he can hit the open market and demand far more than whatever garbage Gettleman will lowball him with. It does not behoove Williams to stick around unless he gets injured and the Giants still over him a contract.

If he performs well (gets 1 sack) then he’s going to use that second half resurgence as bait to get more money in free agency.

Honestly, the Giants would have to hope he sucks so he signs an extension with them. Any sign of him playing well and he’s out of here. They are creating value for a player that’s leaving. And they gave away draft picks to do so.


The Giants traded Odell Beckham and used the first round pick they acquired to draft defensive tackle, Dexter Lawrence.

You know who else is a defensive tackle? Leonard Williams.


Surely, Williams will re-sign knowing that he’ll always be second on the depth chart.

I’m going to punch myself in the dick.

*takes deep breath*

Ooookay. Let’s defend this dreadful move by Dave Gettleman.

First of all, he drafted future Super Bowl MVP, Daniel Jones. Wait, what’s that? He has how many turnovers? Excuse me?? I mean, 13 is a lucky number so like, whatever.

Yes, Leonard Williams has no sacks but he ranks 6th among DTs with 17 quarterback pressures so he’s still affecting plays.

And yes, the Giants base defense is a 3-4 meaning only one defensive tackle would be on the field at once but due to countless injuries to their linebacking core, the Giants have basically switched to 4-3 so Williams and Lawrence can co-exist.

Williams was a first round draft pick that was mad decent in his first couple of seasons with the Jets.

You can’t blame anyone for letting their foot off the gas once they realize the company they work for is a joke. I imagine there’s a good chunk of Facebook employees not quite rushing into work at 9am like they did pre-Russian bot scandal.

Wait, I’m sorry. I’m still thinking about that Tweet earlier. WHO WAS GETTLEMAN BIDDING AGAINST??

I have to fight Dave Gettleman. He can’t keep getting away with this.

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