legion season 3 episode 1

Legion Season 3 Episode 1: Why Do I Have a Mustache?

We are approaching the end of a three-year journey with David Haller, a man who was a misunderstood mutant suffering from schizophrenia and a parasite living in his brain eating off his psychic powers to a man who is now a cult leader feeding people literal kool-aid to pacify them and force them to worship him.

What a ride.

Season 3 starts with the introduction of a new character, Switch, which is crucial for the overall enjoyment of a show that ended last season with David murdering Oliver and raping Syd.

David becoming an all-powerful supervillain fighting with the Shadow King, who is also an all-powerful supervillain uh, isn’t the most captivating television so throwing Switch in the middle of the madness gives us someone to experience their war with.

Something tells me she knows way more than she’s willing to reveal at this point because when confronted by the Shadow King, Switch tells Farouk “The reason is simple. He is a man. And you are a robot.”

Switch must have seen some version of the past or the future where Farouk is a far greater threat than David because I too, am very curious as to why she’s so insistent of helping this man that she sees is actively brainwashing people.

The visual representation of her powers is reminiscent of Jon Hamm’s voiceover scenes last season where Switch is listening to a tape teaching her lessons in time traveling as they also immediately establish a consequence of her powers with a ‘demon’ coming

legion season 3 episode 1

Would’ve loved more from Syd this episode than a dismissive line about David not being her first ex or the first to take advantage of her. I mean, I didn’t want a scene of her crying her face off like Brienne of Tarth when Jaime leaves but a littleeee more insight to her emotional state outside of her shooting a hole through David every chance she gets.

Also worth noting that once Farouk finds out that Syd kills David, he asks her to not come on the mission. It’s odd that the Division freely works with the Shadow King—who again, is just as evil if not more so, than David—but it’s interesting that he seems to want David alive for some reason.

Switch can do a lot of narrative heavy lifting this season to make us like David again. Or not. Maybe everyone in this show is bad. Perhaps humanity as a whole just sucks. Shrug.gif.

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