Apparently LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Met Up Over the Weekend Didn’t Murder Each Other

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving might not be best friends right now, but there wasn’t any drama when they were in the same room in Florida this past weekend.

ESPN’s Tony Rizzo described the situation on The Really Big Show (via Jackson Flickinger of King James Gospel):

“From very reliable sources. Plural. Kyrie and LeBron were in the same room over the weekend in Florida…Apparently these guys were in the same room and here’s the deal. I don’t know if there’s a thawing out process. All I do know is LeBron didn’t punch Kyrie the way Stephen A thought he would. I can report that. As for what they talked about or discussed…it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions.”

(Bleacher Report)

Quick zesty gossip report here. Earlier this summer it was reported that Kyrie Irving demanded a trade. Then Stephen A. Smith said that LeBron James would beat the brakes off Kyrie if he saw him on the street because you know, LeBron is a mega tough fighter and stuff. But now LeBron and Kyrie have been secretly hanging out. *sips tea*

Is this all one long con for LeBron James to leave for Los Angeles next season and to get Kyrie traded so that they can both bury team owner, Dan Gilbert, and leave the city of Cleveland in ruins after they leave? *sips tea*

Everyone stay woke. This is a long con. Everyone sell your Cleveland shares immediately. There is insider trading going on. Gordon Gekko is shorting stocks. Greed is good. They’re probably all joining the Golden State Warriors.

Good news is, no matter where Kyrie and LeBron end up in 2018, there is a 100% chance that Carmelo Anthony will still be playing for the Knicks getting strippers pregnant and shooting 29% from behind the arc. As it was written. *sips tea*





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