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Leave Britney Alone


Britney Spears is doing fiiiine guys. Stop worrying about her. I mean, look at her face. That’s clearly the look of a woman with absolutely no cares in the world and totally not the look of a woman being held hostage against her will1.

Britney has had an interesting 2019. She had to cancel her Las Vegas residency and announced that she’s taking a work hiatus after her dad become gravely ill. Then it was reported that she checked herself into a mental facility after all of this turmoil.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. A woman who has struggled with mental health issues in the past has decided to seek help before she spirals out of control. Good for her. Round of applause.

The problem is that there are rumors that she’s actually being held in a mental facility against her will and her family has sent her there.

Tired: #FreeBritney

Wired: #FreeBrintey

Leave Britney Spears alone. Sure, if you dig a little deeper into the conservatorship law that gave Britney’s dad and her lawyer complete control of her business, personal and legal affairs, it’s perhaps plausible to believe that mayyyy not totally be making her own life decisions.

I hope she’s um, good. I’m sure she’s just chillinnnn. Sometimes you need your family to put you in straitjacket ya know. It happens. Just a day in the life the biggest star on planet Earth in 2001.

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  1. to be fair, Britney Spears has never brushed her hair and always looks like she was just dragged up a flight of stairs by her split ends so I can’t really tell if she looks distressed.

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