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Landon Collins Says Ben McAdoo ‘Needs To Be The Coach Next Year’ Sooo Collins Can Kick Rocks Too

Welp, looks like both Ben McAdoo and Landon Collins need to stay in San Francisco and catch an uber back to New Jersey after that disgusting 31-21 loss to the winless San Francisco 49ers. It’s safe to say that Ben McAdoo is the worst head coach in the NFL and apparently Collins has some sort of stock syndrome.

How much do you think the Giants defenders hate Landon now? Last week multiple players on the defense went to the media to publically out McAdoo for suspending players for really no reason and scheduling tough practices 24 hours before game day.

Then Landon comes out and says ‘I don’t know what they’re talking about, I love Ben’.

What a fucking nerd. That’s like if everyone in your math class joins together and decides that they’re not going to do the homework assignment over the weekend and then the person who planned the whole thing shows up on Monday with the homework done and tattles on everyone for plotting against the teacher. Landon is looking like a real snitch right now.

I loved Landon Collins last season. His jersey was in on every play. He was involved in every tackle somehow. He was responsible for a majority of the turnovers. He was the star of a $200 million defense and he was making the least money out of everyone.

This season, however, he’s playing fine or whatever but he’s not necessarily making those same game-changing plays. If he’s going to be kissing McAdoo’s balls then the both of them can kick rocks. Fire them both by the end of the day, please.



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