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Kobe Bryant is Officially #TeamThick

Dad Bod SZN. This is what retirement looks like. One second you’re the most athletic man in your sport and one year later, you look like you’ve never held a basketball before. Life is wild.

Kobe Bryant is THICC.

Killing Joke is the story of how one bad day turned The Joker from a failed comedian into an insane murderer. One bad day can change a person’s life entirely. I say all of that to say that Kobe Bryant is one bad day away from having the same physique as Shaquille O’Neal and I cannot wait.

It’s always a sad moment when you realize you’re no longer the guy who can take his shirt off at the BBQ. His wife may have to sit him down and explain that he can no longer have his way with housekeeping attendants in Colorado motels anymore.

He is for sure going to play in the Big3 tournament next summer and I will for sure continue to not watch that garbage basketball. As it was written.




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