Known Piece of Shit, Kurt Eichenwald, Had a Very Bad Day

Kurt Eichenwald looks like a bee stung scrotum and he’s having a really tough go of it.

For those that are unfamiliar with Kurt Eichenwald, he is a FORMER contributor to MSNBC and Vanity Fair before finding out within 24 hours that he was fired from both companies. Eichenwald has recently been on a run of shitting all over the Parkland Shooting Survivors which I’ll be honest, isn’t a great look.

Eichenwald went so far as to call up a psychiatrist to evaluate the mental state of Parkland Survivor, Kyle Kashuv, and emailed conservative political pundit, Ben Shapiro, a super weird email about this kid. It’s like, mega weird.

No idea if Kurt Eichenwald was attempting to do capital J Journalism or if he was genuinely trying to break down the mentality of this teenager or if he is a legitimate psychopath but the best part about this creepy ass email is that he tagged his email as a Vanity Fair contributor.

Vanity Fair was having none of that nonsense and promptly let him know that not only did his contract end with VF but it ended nearly a year ago.

What a bad day for this George Costanza cosplayer. One second you’re riding high as you’re attempting to assassinate the character of a teenager whose friends died in a school shooting and the next second, you’re out of a job.

Pray For Kurt.



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