Kirk Cousins Is The 2018 NFL Least Valuable Player

$84 million guaranteed.

The most ridiculous contract in NFL history has brought the Minnesota Vikings from an NFC Championship game last season to losing 24-10 to the Chicago Bears in Week 17 and being eliminated from the playoff picture.

You can’t go from having Case Keenum as your starting QB to Kirk Cousins, and somehow perform worse yet here we are. It’s almost as if Cousins stinks and robbed Minnesota of $84 million only to continue his career-long brand of beating up on bad teams and looking like a scrub against playoff teams.

Who’s mans is this??

This season, Cousins was 1-6 against teams with winning records and when it mattered most in Week 17, he couldn’t find any receivers. He lost all of his touch and looked like Andy Dalton out there. He threw for just 132 yards with one touchdown.


Yes, the Vikings don’t have a great offensive line but they didn’t have one last season either which worked perfectly with Case Keenum’s mobility, ability to bootleg out of the pocket and his overall aggressiveness.

Cousins sees a pass rush and evaporates.

He is surrounded by Dalvin Cook in the backfield with Adam Thelien and Stefon Diggs split out wide which is the reason why he’s able to put up massive stats against bad teams but when the game matters, he goes full Bird Box cosplay, puts on a blindfold and chucks it anywhere.

Even Adam Thielen has had enough with his bitch ass QB.

Yes, there are worse quarterbacks in the NFL. Kirk Cousins is objectively better than Ryan Tannehill and Eli Manning. These are facts. But when determining one’s value, everything is a factor considering expectations, player salary, the team around him and wins and losses.

Kirk Cousins was set up to succeed in every imaginable way and he’ll be watching the playoffs at the bar next to me this weekend and drinks are on him because of his $84 MILLION GUARANTEED.

Congratulations to Kirk Cousins winning the 2018 NFL Least Valuable Player.


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