Kirk Cousins Is Still a Bitch

You can say I’m a harsh critic of Kirk Cousins as I‘ve called him a bitch more often than not but as a New York Giants fan, I’ve seen the real Kirk in Washington. I’ve seen the quarterback that the Washington front office refused to sign long term. I’ve seent it.

But let’s recap what happened this Wildcard weekend. The Minnesota Vikings went on the road to New Orleans and bounced the Saints out of the playoffs in a 26-20 overtime victory to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

And interesting enough, Kirk Cousins had a prettyyyy, pretty good football game.

Cousins was 19-for-31 (61%) with 242 yards, a touchdown and 96.4 passer rating. Good for him. He managed to outplay the 40-year old Drew Brees. Congrats. Truly worthy of a pat on the back.

His one touchdown pass was the game-winner in overtime. Kirk threw a 3-yard fade pass to his tight end, Kyle Rudolph.

Good for Cousins for managing to complete such a difficult pass in the endzone for the win. We’ll ignore that Kyle Rudolph shoved that little boy out of the way to get separation. No offensive pass interference on that one. Nope.

And Kirk had a solid 2019 season overall. 26 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions. 69% completion percentage. 3603 passing yards on 8.1 yards per attempt. He’s was 4th in the NFL in passer rating behind only Ryan Tannehill, Drew Brees and Lamar Jackson. Thumbs_up.gif.

What a year. He’ll probably be a Pro Bowler once all of the good players bow out.

But am I supposed to pretend as if this isn’t Kirk’s first ever postseason victory? Last season, he couldn’t even get the Vikings to the playoffs with the same exact roster that Case Keenum led to the NFC Championship the year prior.

So cool.

The 31-year old finally won his first postseason game. Again, he beat an elderly Drew Brees who was playing without a functional thumb. Kirk Cousins was in a quarterback duel with Taysom Hill and narrowly escaped in overtime because he happened to win the coin toss.

Here’s some fun Kirk Cousins stats prior to this weekend’s wacky Wildcard game:

  • 0-9 on Monday Night Football
  • 1-11-1 as the Vikings QB when trailing in the 4th quarter
  • 6-29 against teams with winning records
  • Bitch

What exactly changed on Sunday?

I see a lot of articles with headlines about Cousins silencing his doubters and answering the questions about him.

Really? Okay so he’s now brought his playoff record to an astounding 1-1 and he got his 7th victory over a team with a winning record in his 36th try.

If you’re a pilot who crashes the plane every week, you are suddenly a trustworthy pilot because ONE time, you didn’t crash it.

If Kirk marches to the Super Bowl then perhaps I will change my opinion although it would still be hilarious to watch him turn into a pumpkin on the biggest stage in the world. But no, you don’t change your entire career because you played well in the Wildcard round.

I don’t like that Kirk. I don’t like that at all.

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