Porn Star Files $12 Million Lawsuit on the Guy Who Forced Her To Drink Pee

A porn star has filed a lawsuit against her ex alleging that he forced her to drink his urine. 

Ashley Youdan is asking world famous violinist David Garrett for $12million alleging physical and mental abuse in court papers.

Youdan, 28, who works under the name Kendall Karson, also claims in her civil court filing that Garrett forced her into rough sex that caused her to break a rib, wanted to hire a sex slave, had sex with transsexuals and used cocaine.

(Daily Mail)

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I don’t really want to immediately take the ‘world famous violinists’ side but how pissed do you think he was when this porn star refused to drink his piss. Was that a pun?

David Garrett probably assumed when he starting hooking up with Kendall Karson that she was down for anything. What a huge disappointment when she won’t even drink a littleeeeee urine. I mean, what’s the point of dating a porn star if they won’t act as a replacement toilet.

Having said all of that, you probably can’t force her to do coke and then break her ribs. Just stick to being a weirdo violinist and stay off Craigslist for awhile.


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