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Kelsey Plum Will Go Down As The Best Female Basketball Player Ever

If you’ve ever interacted with me at a bar after 1AM then I’m sure you’ve heard me ramble on and on about the WNBA. I’ve lost a lot of money gambling on these women and I am hyped to get back into WNBA wave.

Kelsey Plum fun fact, she has the record for most points in a single season in women’s division I college basketball. Oh, and she has the most career points. No one has scored as many career points as Kelsey Plum. She is already the GOAT.

Now she enters the WNBA with the San Antonio Stars where she is going to DOMINATE. I can’t wait to see her cross up Elena Delle Donne like when Iverson put Michael Jordan in a blender. We’re all going to forget that Candice Parker even existed once Kelsey Plum throws that jersey on and (metaphorically) dunks on bitches.




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