Kathy Griffin Casually Posted an ISIS Donald Trump Beheading Video Out Of Nowhere

Jesus. As someone who kind of has a decent idea of what’s funny and what isn’t, I’m going to categorize this in the unfunny pile. You probably shouldn’t roll out of bed in the morning and plan and ISIS style beheading video of the current president. You 1000% shouldn’t then post that video online and just kick back waiting for appreciation.

This is straight up insane behavior. Whether you agree with the president or not, maybe chill with the terrorist propaganda. I don’t think anyone would’ve been cool with Dennis Miller holding Barack Obama’s severed head.[1. But that would never happen because Barack is beloved and Donald probably owns slaves.]

Also, not that it matters but like, Kathy Griffin at home without makeup is frightening. She looks like she’s been up for weeks just plotting her government takeover. Does she wear a wig? I honestly cannot figure out what was one her head. That apology video may be more shocking than the original ISIS video.

Chiiiilll, Kathy.





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