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Kareem Hunt, Who Is Currently Suspended For Kicking a Woman in the Head, Got Into a ‘Small Fight’ At a Bar

An online video shows Browns running back Kareem Hunt being questioned by police after an apparent incident Saturday night at a Cleveland bar.

The video, published Monday by TMZ Sports, shows Hunt speaking with multiple officers. Hunt was not arrested and officers did not make a police report about the incident, a police spokesperson told Cleveland.com.

The incident took place outside the Barley House in downtown Cleveland. The owner of the bar, Bobby George, told Cleveland.com that Hunt got into a minor altercation with a friend. (ESPN)

Remember when that initial video of Kareem Hunt came out that showed him needing to be held back from attacking a woman only for him to end up kicking her in the head?

That was a bit of a bad look.

But no worries because he sat down with Lisa Salters for an interview and said that he’s sorry and that was that.

He entered alcohol and anger management counseling and all of that was in the past. That was a different version of Kareeum Hunt. He signed with the Cleveland Browns ready to serve his 8-game suspension.

Done and done.

Oh, what’s that? You mean he’s still getting drunk at bars and being an asshole? That’s weird. That’s not the Kareem Hunt I know.

This is something Ezekiel Elliot would do. Get suspended for hitting a woman and then take that as a lesson that you can’t hit woman anymore but you can still beat up dudes whenever you want.

Kareem would never.

You don’t mean to tell that, no, no way. That Kareem Hunt is a bad guy and the only reason why he pretended to change was because there was video evidence of his crime and if TMZ didn’t leak that video then he would be the same asshole that he’s always been?

That’s impossible.

Kareem Hunt: Definitely a good guy.

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