Kareem Hunt Shouldn’t Be Banned From The NFL

I don’t have to go through what happened with Kareem Hunt, do I? He kicked a woman in the head in February and TMZ released the video last week so after the Kansas City Chiefs knew the event happened in February and did absolutely nothing about it, they were suddenly forced to take action because there was new visual evidence.

Hunt cleared waivers and became a free agent which means no team claimed him. It appears as though no team wants to face the public backlash of signing him so Kareem Hunt won’t be playing again in the 2018 NFL season.

I’ve written how I feel about Kareem Hunt. I am the leader of ‘Team Fuck Kareem’. Personally, I would prefer if he were thrown into a tiger’s cage and whatever happens happens. But at the same time, Kareem Hunt needs to be awarded a second chance at some point.

I understand why the NFL would feel like banning him from the league would help create an environment in which domestic abuse is deemed unacceptable or in actuality, create the optics and make it appear as though they care about this issues.

But completely kicking him out of the sport would do far more harm than good.

First, Kareem Hunt wasn’t arrested for a crime and I don’t know how I feel about the NFL going out of their way to investigate and police their players with their own set of laws.

I do not trust Roger Goodell who will suspend Tom Brady 4 games for maybe taking some air out of footballs. Goodell is a judge with no credibility.

It’s also super dangerous to blackball a player for domestic abuse. If a player hits his wife and his wife knows that if she calls the police or presses charges then her husband will lose his career then you are creating a situation in which women might be forced to keep quiet in order to ensure the financial security of her family.

It’s not always as simple as a man comes home from work drunk and just beats his wife around because he hates his life or she’s like, not in the kitchen or something. There are far more nuances and context to toxic relationships than just one violent incident.

And that’s not even considering the fact that retaliation is a real possibility. If reporting an NFL’s abuse leads to him losing his income, there’s a chance that if he had no reason to hit a woman before, he definitely can convince himself that he has a good reason to hit her now.

The NFL doesn’t give a shit about women or minorities. They’ve made that extremely clear. But let’s at least pretend like you guys care more than just one Sunday a year when some players use pink towels or whatever.

It’s being reported that the Chicago Bears have a significant interest in Kareem Hunt as head coach, Matt Nagy, was his coach back in Kansas City. This is good for everyone involved. If Hunt shows that he’s learned from his mistakes and he’s taken the necessary¬†steps of rehabilitation then he should absolutely be allowed to return to the league.

Most importantly, and this is going to sound WILD but hang in there with me. Don’t burn Deadseriousness HQ to the ground after you read this next sentence: Don’t fucking hit women.

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