Kanye West Can Fuck The Fuck Off

Kanye West has an album coming out. You know how we all know that? Because he has spent this past couple of weeks going out of his way to draw all eyes on him by any means necessary even if it means becoming a white supremacist.

Earlier this year before dropping Ye, Kanye posted photos of himself wearing a MAGA hat and said that Donald Trump is his friend. Oh, he also said that slavery was a choice. Yes, black people apparently chose to clock in and clock out at the ol’ plantation instead of going on Craigslist and looking for new careers.

Now, Kanye has another album coming out, that literally zero people asked for, and he’s out here wearing a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt and a MAGA hat because he believes he is ending the divisiveness in this country which is the most naive and stupid idea he’s had in a while.

Kanye then went on Saturday Night Live and gave an insane rant about his support of Trump that was met with the appropriate level of boos that it deserved.

But calling Kanye’s words and actions ‘insane’ is wayyyy too kind.

Questioning his mental state lets him off the hook too much. Not being able to critique the nonsense coming out of his face because he might be having a mental breakdown is exactly how we ended up with this president and Making America Great Again because we wrote that man off as ‘crazy’ and didn’t realize his racist and xenophobic dog whistling was connecting to a lotttt of folks.

Andddd there it is. The end of Kanye West.

This motherfucker is now preaching hypocritical GOP garbage about keeping ‘factory jobs in America’ that gets uninformed poor people to continue voting for the ultra-rich that care not for them.

Here is the thing that these ignorant people that get rock hard when they hear ‘keep factory jobs in America’ don’t realize, the rich people campaigning on this benefit from the cheap foreign labor. They have no intentions on changing that.

Yeezys are manufactured in another country.

There’s also no real understanding of how the economy works but that’s a conversation for another day. My point is that Kanye has straight up become a mouthpiece for the people who would prefer if guys who grew up where Kanye grew up, didn’t exist.

I’m going to ignore that Kanye said to abolish the 13th amendment, the amendment that ended slavery.

It’s a wrap. I blocked Kanye West and suddenly the sun emerged from the clouds. His new music is trash so I’m not missing out on that. Everything he says is harmful and my life is better without hearing a 41-year old who brags about never reading telling me that I need to pull myself up from my bootstraps.

We’ve got a rapist moments away from becoming a lifelong Supreme Court Justice and a president trying to pick a fight with China, a country that probably has high-tech futuristic lasers pointing on Amerca from space just waiting to end it all.

There is no more time and effort that can be given to this washed up rapper who has surrounded himself with old rich white men that 1000% call him the n-word when he walks away.

Fuck Kanye West.




sidenote: I really like Lil Pump and it’s a shame his song with Kanye, a fun and silly song, can’t be enjoyed for what it is because everything Kanye touches is spoiled.




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