Just Wear a Face Mask, You Loser

Everything has become politicized to the point where now even our safety has become a rallying point for the president to turn life or death stakes into a pointless catty argument about freedoms or some shit and now he’s turning wearing face masks into an attack on his extremely fragile masculinity.

Donald Trump has refused to wear a face mask because MAN STUFF. Also because it doesn’t fit his strange narrative that Coronavirus isn’t happening even though 200,000 Americans have died and that number continues to grow daily because people refuse to wear a face mask because MAN STUFF.

We are dealing with a respiratory virus that is transmitted through our mouths and noses. You do not need the world’s greatest scientists to realize that covering your mouth and nose is the best way to avoid a virus that enters your mouth and nose.

Jesus, do I even want to write this article? Read what I just wrote. That’s a literal sentence that people are failing to wrap their heads around. Experts have declared definitely that quarantine isn’t enough and in order to truly ‘return to normalcy,’ we must wear face make in public.

Scientists studied several different regions of Germany to detect whether or not wearing face masks can truly flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections. Their study found that wearing face masks reduce the daily growth rate of infections by almost 40%. 40fucking%

Meanwhile, Coronavirus cases are spiking in Texas and Florida—two states that defiantly remained open and encouraged people to travel there with no quarantine or face masks regulations.

So lets quickly review. The pro’s of wearing a face mask is that is can reduce the spread of a deadly pandemic that has taken the lives of a quarter million Americans.

The con’s of wearing a face mask is…doing what you’re told to do? This is what is being fought for right now? MAGA assholes will DIE and take you with them just so they don’t have to listen to liberal sheep.

In Missouri, two hairstylists that tested positive for COVID and were actively showing symptoms of the virus saw 140 customers last month. Zero of those 140 customers caught the virus. Do you want to know why? Because everyone wore face masks.

It’s that simple.

You can be face-to-face exposed to the virus and be completely safe from it all by wearing a dumb cloth over your dumb mouth and guys like Aubrey Huff are too tough to cover their extremely soft jawlines.

By planting your flag on the hill that face masks are for lib cucks then you’re essentially saying your political stance is that everyone should get sick and die because that’s true freedom. You’re pro-death. Fuck everyone else but me (and Donald Trump).

You’re not some vigilante because you won’t wear a face mask. You’re an asshole who thinks it’s more important for people to see your chapped lips than it is for people to be safe.

You are so devoured by being an Internet troll with contrarians views that you’ve totally lost sight of reality and you believe every outlandish behavior is a Reddit upvote or a retweet when in actuality, you are destroying civilization so you can go to Baskin Robbins and cough on a cashier.

Just wear a face mask, you loser.




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Written by TheLesterLee

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