Josh Gordon Failed Another Drug Test

[su_quote cite=”Fox Sports” url=”″]Gordon’s sample, which was collected in early March, tested positive for marijuana and dilute, according to a source informed of the results of the test. The source added that both the “A” and “B” samples collected were positive for marijuana and dilute. Though the level of marijuana was below the 35 nanograms per milliliter required for a positive test, the diluted sample is considered a positive test.[/su_quote]

Josh Gordon loves two things on the Earth more than anything: That sweet sweet delicious kush and not playing football. No one is better at either.

This is the best possible reaction. ‘Smh’ is the reaction that most football fans have about Gordon failing another drug test. I LOVE that reaction coming from him though. It’s like he’s disappointed with the NFL for testing him.

I’m pretty sure the NFL doesn’t randomly test during the offseason. Gordon had to have known that this test was coming and I know for a fact that he got high the night before and then tried to detox real quick in the morning.

It did not work.

Josh Gordon will probably never play in the NFL again but I doubt he minds. The less time he spends practicing, the more time he can spend smoking that tasty sticky icky.


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