Josh Allen Completed Less Than 50% of His Passes In Community College Thus Confirming That He is Hot Garbage

Yooo, Josh Allen STINKS. 49% at Reedley Community College? This is your quarterback? I understand that he was like, a 19-year old prospect and wasn’t a fully formed product yet but I can’t imagine the junior college schedule provides a lot of strong defensive opposition.

When Josh Allen dropped back to throw, it was a coinflip whether or not the football was going to land in his receiver’s hands or hit the turf. In fact, it was slightly less than a coinflip leaning more towards the outcome of the football landing in the first row.

My man was out here getting embarrassed by Phoenix University and ITT Tech on a weekly basis. The 1-800-BARTEND team was putting Allen in the torture rack with their complicated defensive schemes.

In one interview, his college coach at Wyoming once alluded to the fact that this major quarterback prospect was playing at Wyoming University instead of a power conference team because he didn’t get a lot of attention from the top schools and it’s clear why. He is bad at playing quarterback. Of course he went to Wyoming. No other college wanted his 49% completion percentage at community college ass stinking it up in their uniforms.

There are a lot of people defending his low numbers. Blaming the wide receivers or the coaches or the offense but at what point do we blame the quarterback that is projected to go number one overall in the 2018 draft. If Josh Allen was going in the 5th round, I wouldn’t even care how bad he was in high school but he is supposed to turn the Cleveland Browns franchise around and he has no idea how to complete a pass.


You can fix a player’s footwork. You can improve their pregame preparation and ability to understand what defenses are attempting to do to stop you. You know what you can’t teach? Accuracy. Josh Allen makes Christian Hackenberg look like Drew Brees. Drew Brees makes Josh Allen look like me out there. Damn.





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