Jose Fernandez Was On Pace to Be the GOATest of All Time

Wellll, this is the shittiest news of the week. I will never be okay with seeing the news that someone in their 20’s passed away. That goes double when their potential is through the roof.

I’ll be brief here because I had no real relationship with Fernandez. As a Yankees fan, my only memory of the Marlins comes in 2003 when Josh Beckett turned into fucking Sandy Koufax and straight up embarrassed the Yankees batting order in the World Series. I still keep a dart board in my room with Mike Lowell’s face on it. If you say the name Jeff Conine in front of me, we are fighting.

What I do know about Jose Fernandez however, is that he seemed to truly enjoy the game of baseball more so than anyone out there. Most Aces take the mentality of the ‘intimidator’ and they don’t often display joy but Fernandez was truly making baseball fun again.

We were so close to witnessing the next Pedro Martinez and instead we are forced to witness the next Thurman Munson. Rest in peace in peace, Jose Fernandez.

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