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John Elway Says That Colin Kaepernick Turned Down a Contract Offer Which is Absolute Bullshit

As time passes, the legend of Colin Kaepernick grows more divisive as some people believe he would be a playoff quarterback if given the opportunity while others think he was trash and his removal from the NFL has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with him being bad at football.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle there but I would like to remind people that he led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never led a team to a Super Bowl so I’m going to give him a littleee bit of credit as a quarterback.

It’s safe to say that Kaepernick, at his worst, is far better than what Denver Broncos GM, John Elway, has brought into the Broncos quarterback room. Outside of an aging Peyton Manning coming off neck surgery, Elway has gathered some real bums including his current backup QB, Paxton Lynch, who has inspired Broncos fans to create a GoFundMe to buy out his contract to get him off the squad.

It would make sense for Elway to reach out to Kaepernick and as he said last week, “he had his chance to be here. He passed it”. That’s technically true except Elway left out that he tried to acquire Kaepernick in 2016 before he ever kneeled during the National Anthem.


Colin Kaepernick is willing to take a pay cut to play for the Denver Broncos, just not one as large as the reigning Super Bowl champions would like.

The Broncos are offering Kaepernick an annual salary of $7 million for the 2016 season and the 2017 season, a source close to the situation told on Tuesday.



After Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos tried to trade for Kaepernick but the trade couldn’t be completed unless Kaepernick agreed to a pay cut from $12.4 million to just $7 million. Kap turned that down because of course, he turned that down.

When Kaepernick was cut by the 49ers in 2017, the Broncos never offered him a deal. The year prior, they were willing to give up draft picks to acquire him and now all of a sudden, still without having a replacement for Peyton Manning, they wanted nothing to do with Kaepernick. Interesting.

Now, you can make the argument that John Elway was being a petty little Betty. Kaepernick didn’t take the pay cut before so he was burned forever. Sure. That would make sense, except for the fact that Brock Osweiler, who was Peyton Manning’s backup, was so pissed that they didn’t basically hand the franchise over to him after Peyton retired that he left in free agency in 2016 and never answered any of Denver’s calls.

You think Osweiler would be burned like Kaepernick right? Elway would never speak to Osweiler again. That’s that. Middle fingers up at Brock.

lol, jk.


Colin Kaepernick isn’t on the Denver Broncos because he kneeled during the National Anthem. Not because he wouldn’t take a pay cut or because he was on Elway’s bad side. Nope, he kneeled for social injustice and is out of the NFL because of it.





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