Joey Votto Nearly Beat the Shit Out of a Fan For Interfering With a Fly Ball

The Cincinnati Reds are having an awful season. They are sitting at the bottom of the NL Central as they are about 20 games below .500. Jay Bruce was lucky enough to escape the sinking Titanic but appears as though Joey Votto is going down with the ship.

I think Votto should’ve punched this guy’s head off but allow me to defend the fans for a second. We all go to games snapping photos and hoping for souvenier because we all just want to feel as though we matter. As if our time matter. Not only our time at the ballpark but our time on Earth. That fan snags a foulball and perhaps it gets passed down from generation to generation and everyone from now until infinity will know that he caught a foul ball at a Cincinnati Reds game.

But yea still, get the fuck out of the way when you see that Joey Votto can easily make that catch. How about you help your team win at least one game this week by sitting down and letting the professional athletes play the game.



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