Joe Biden’s Nickname For Donald Trump Proves Why He Belongs in a Retirement Home

For those who forgot, Joe Biden is running for president. I know it’s tough to recall considering every time he’s on camera he slurs his words and bleeds from his eye sockets so his handlers are literally hiding him from the public but yes, he’s still trying to do this whole president thing.

Biden’s corpse was released into the wild again this week and here is what that quick-witted young man had to say about Trump:

“Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ‘President Tweety.’”

ROOOOOOASTED. Take that, Donnie. Or should I say ‘Tweety’. HAHAHAHA BOOOOM, BITCH.

Mind you, Biden and his team have had over four years to think of a clever way to mock one of the worst presidents ever. A special needs racist with more active sexual harassment lawsuits than brain cells who thinks movies are real and Sundowning Joe Biden called him ‘Tweety’.

Everyone get ready for 4 more years of Trump.

This has become the Democrats claim to fame in recent years. They have no valuable policy to help American’s daily life. All they want to do is go back to the Obama days where no one batted an eye at the rich getting richer and blind drone strikes killing random civilians in war-torn nations and all you can eat immigrant deportations. Democrats don’t believe in shit.

But Donald Trump being the biggest asshole on planet Earth has allowed them to present themselves as the good guys so as the heroes, they get applauded whenever they ‘stand up to him’ and there’s no greater example of that than Nancy fucking Pelosi’s nonsense.

ZING! Wow, what a political genius. Pelosi is one of us!

Yes, what a national treasure. I love the woman who has around $50 MILLION invested in real estate is also the same woman who is against a rent and mortgage moratorium during a global pandemic and economic crisis. It’s almost as if her policy is 1000% self-interested and she doesn’t give a shit about the people she represents but continues to get positive press for occasionally throwing light jabs at one of the easiest targets ever.

These people don’t care about us. Just look at the type of campaign Joe Biden is running. It was reported last week that Biden isn’t even looking to get Latino and Hispanic voting support. What? There is a president whose entire campaign in 2016 was built around his hatred of Spanish people and wanting to build a wall to keep them out. Latino voters would do anything to get this man out of office and Joe Biden’s campaign is more focused on recruiting unhappy Republicans.

I want to slam my face into a wall until I don’t have a face anymore.

The best part is that the Democrats will have no idea why they lost again after running an elderly man into his grave. An elderly man who gave his crackhead son a sketch fake appointment in a sketchy country who then did sketchy crackhead shit and is now under investigation for it just like Hillary was under investigation for sketchy things in 2016. But she was snappy at Trump so you go girl!

All of these people suck.






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