Joe Biden Entered The Chat To Provide The Absolute Worst Solution To Police Brutality

If there is one thing these recent nationwide protests have started more so than anything is an actual dialogue about the overwhelming power that local police forces have been given over the last few decades. Apparent president candidate, Joe Biden, has added his own solution to this problem.

I want to start with something somewhat unrelated but ultimately related to this whole Joe Biden thing. When Biden resurfaced a couple of weeks ago after two months of going into hiding because he has dumb for brains, Biden returned with that black face mask.

In this video he is wearing the standard issue face mask. This seems unimportant but I can’t help but assume that this dementia patient forgot his face mask at home. I know the current president is not-so-subtly turning into fat Hitler so this is super petty and unnecessary to mention but there is a man who is attempting to run an entire country that’s in the midst of a pandemic and this dumb fuck forgot about the pandemic.

Joe Biden left his house dumb and his intelligence would continue to wane as he suggested that the solution to cops murdering people is to aim for their legs instead of their hearts.

What in the FUCK are you talking about?

What a complete whiff at the real problem here.

Let’s remove all biases for a second: cops murder people because they always get away with murdering people. It’s not because they’ve been aiming at hearts instead of knees. It’s because there are zero consequences. It doesn’t even matter if it’s done on camera or not. Cops are legal serial killers and the justice system protects them.

If you want to address the way they’re trained, sure, let’s do that. The Minnesota police that murdered George Floyd was given ‘warrior training’ which essentially promotes the idea that the police are sent by God to keep civilians in line with deadly force. Residents should fear the police and cops and killing is a tool that keeps order.

So Joe Biden is suggesting that instead of training them to be unstoppable godsent killing machines, we should train them to disable and cripple people. *wipes hands clean* problem solved.

“shoot them in the leg instead” is something you say with zero thoughts when it’s 2am at the bar before you hit on the bartender as she calls for the bouncer to remove you.

Police budgets are through the roof for no reason at all. There is no purpose for the police to have access to Avatar exoskeletons and futuristic Halo laser guns running around low-income neighborhoods while schools in those neighborhoods have overcrowded classrooms with not nearly enough supplies for these kids to get a real education.

No leader truly wants to face the actual problem of racism and why it continues to persist through generations when you can simply say ‘shoot them in the leg’ and then go have an exorbitant lunch that costs more than a teacher’s salary.

Defund the police. Stop training them to be bloodthirsty vigilantes that think killing people is some heroic feat that reminds the ants to stay in line. Incentivize officers to come forward and report misconduct from their peers instead of punishing anyone that speaks out. Remove any Attorney General or prosecutor that has relationships with the police that would make them biased and look away from their discretions.

There is actual work that can be done and the man running for the highest office thinks all police officers have to do is start aiming for arms and legs.

Just let Joe Biden get Alzheimer’s peacefully in his house and not in front of cameras and microphones.



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