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Jocelyne Lamoureux Scored 2 Goals in 6 Seconds For Team USA Hockey and I Think I’m In Love

SNIIIIIPEEEEEEER. Jocelyne Lamoureux set a new Olympics hockey record by scoring 2 goals in 6 seconds. It wasn’t a record for women’s hockey. It wasn’t a record for Team USA hockey. It’s a new record for all of Olympic hockey.

This is Jocelyne Lamoureux’s third Olympic event and after taking home silver medals in Vancouver and Sochi, this appears to be the year she and Team USA finally go home with the gold around their necks.

America defeated ‘Olympic Athletes From Russia‘ 5-0 thanks to the new love of my life. Team USA is now in second place in Group A with a 2-0-0 record and a +7 goal differential. They are second to Canada who is also 2-0-0 but with an 8+ goal differential. Gold is in sight.

I am now on full Jocelyne Lamoureux watch. Nothing but full support for my 2018 Valentine.



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