JJ Abrams Set To Write and Direct Star Wars Episode 9

The deal is done, with Disney confirming Deadline’s scoop. Abrams will direct and also co-write the film with Chris Terrio. See the official press release at the bottom of the story.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the funnest movies I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I remember seeing it on opening night and the theatre was PACKED. Everyone left completely satisfied. If you want to be an annoying contrarian because you think it copied A New Hope too much then take that noise to Reddit and you’re lame ass Youtube channel but I loved A New Hope and The Force Awakens benefited from drawing parallels to that film.

The point I’m making is that JJ Abrams deserves to wrap up the trilogy that he began. Colin Trevorrow was fired and thank GAWD because he is an awful director and I don’t need to see Rey running from Kylo Ren in heels like Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurrasic World.

My only real problem with The Force Awakens is that it isn’t a standalone movie. It sets up all of these mysteries like Rey’s parents and Kylo Ren’s prior relationship with Rey and why Luke is little fuckboy but bringing JJ Abrams back for Episode 9 is the perfect way to tie up all these loose ends.

Please just inject Episode 9 directly into my neck. I want/need this movie more than I need excuses to drunk text my exgirlfriends.




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