Jimmy Butler is Going To End Markelle Fultz’s Career

What Happened?


Before I talk about Chris Broussard’s comments on that Fox Sports show where two people yell at each other for 3 hours about the Dallas Cowboys, whenever an ‘insider’ goes on television and says ‘someone close to him told me this’, it’s most likely bullshit.

Unless it’s Woj or Adam Schefter, do not believe the ‘I just got off the phone with him’ analyst because no, they most likely did not.

Buuuut let’s just pretend like what Chris Broussard said is true. One of Jimmy Butler’s boys said that Butler is already prepared to bully Markelle Fultz the second he sees him and I am here for this.

Markelle Fultz is clearly broken and it’s kind of sad. This No.1 overall draft pick couldn’t handle the pressure and forgot how to shoot. As a man who suffers from my own mental illnesses, it’s tough to really mock Markelle for being afraid to play basketball in front of cameras and fans….and teammates.

Anddd then you see Markelle Fultz try to shoot a free throw and the ball gets stuck in his hand like when Peter Parker just realizes that he has spider powers. Jimmy Butler is going to walk in the first day of practice and punch him in the chest every time he misses a jumper.

It’s done for Markelle. The Sixers have him covered head to toe in bubble wrap and Butler is your annoying brother that pops the bubble wrap in your face all day long.

The Sixers have Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick. Once they get that 5th spot figured out, Fultz is out of here. Watching him run around the court with no idea what to do is just sad. There is no point on even keeping him on the roster.

And I can’t imagine another team jumps into traffic to pick him up. Jimmy Butler is going to walk into the locker room, point at Markelle and Fultz is going to just pack up his bags and call an uber back home.





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