Teacher Arrested After 17-Year Old Boy She Banged Tried To Kill Himself

A married health teacher from Maine has been placed on leave and had a civil protection order issued against her after being accused of repeatedly having sex with her 17-year-old student.

The claims against Jill Lamontagne, 29, came to light in mid-June after the alleged victim attempted to commit suicide.

Lamontagne, who has been married for six years and has two young children, a son and daughter, was placed on administrative leave on June 12, after her student’s family contacted school officials claiming that he had had sexual contact with the teacher, reported the Portland Press Herald.

According to court documents filed by the student’s mother requesting a protection order, her son was hospitalized in Maine Medical Center on June 9 after ingesting a cocktail of medications in a failed attempt to end his life, including ibuprofen, Tylenol, cold medicine and a blood thinner.

The next day, the boy confided in his aunt that he and his teacher, Lamontange, have been involved in a sexual relationship, and that he was ‘so sorry for all the bad things he did’.

‘He said he loved her, he said it happened numerous times, in the classroom, at her house, in her car. She told him that she hadn’t had a sexual relationship in two years,’ his mother stated in the court papers.


There’s some pretty heavy stuff here so it would be insensitive of me to make light of suicide attempts and all of that. Having said that, how fire must this woman’s vag must be if people would rather not live than live without it? Jill Lamontange should pat herself on the back for this.

You’ll meet a bajillion women like this. She got married and started a family at a young age and some other guy gave her attention probably right after she came back from having a kid when she was feeling the most self conscious about her body and bam. Next thing you know, restraining orders and suicide attempts. As it was written.

Also, we’ve all had that one break up where we get toooo dramatic and do wild shit. Classic 17-year old. At least this experience will get some hair on his chest. He’ll bounce back. Or not. Life is hard.



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